Best Action Movie ever?

the-bourne-ultimatum.jpgIf not, it’s definitely close. The Bourne Ultimatum opened this past weekend and being a fan of the series and Matt Damon, of course I went and saw it. Well, I must tell you that it was the best action movie I’ve ever seen and trust me I’ve seen many. The previous best would have to have been Die Hard but Ultimatum takes the top spot in my book.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet you definitely need to get out and go see it. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much after seeing the previews, it just looked like a lot of action (and not very good action to be honest) and hardly any substance, I mean the plot seemed to be sorta weak to me. He goes around trying to find out who he is? Hmmmm. Well I was way off. That is the general story line of course but from the moment the movie starts the story moves seamlessly throughout the 110 minutes or so. Greengrass’ cinematography follows in the mold of that of the previous two films in the series: moving cameras, intense scenes, short scenes, little diologue. More is said without words in many cases, especially with Bourne, than with words. The story is very logical and easy to understand, it’s pretty much flawless. And then there’s the action sequences, top notch as is the norm with the series. One particular fight scene is just amazing and Damon as Bourne comes off as truly an unstoppable assassin. We see genuine fear in the CIA leaders and that to me makes it awesome. Bourne is a savage, but he has become a savage that is reluctant to kill, he’s tired of it and when he can he leaves his attackers unconscious. He only kills one man in this movie and after he does so the audience truly feels his remorse.

Bourne is the man and while watching the movie you can’t help but be in awe of this guy. You wish you were him. At one point he drives his car off the roof of a car lot, landing some 50 feet below on top of some more cars in the lower tier and walks out unscathed. Just go and see this movie if you know what is good for you and come back and tell me that this isn’t the best action movie ever.

Side notes: The previews that accompanied my viewings of the movie were really good for the most part and I’m really excited for the fall. American Gangster looks awesome as it should with Denzel and Crowe starring, can’t wait to see that. We own the night starring Phoenix and Wahlberg looks amazing as well. Some others that I’m anxious to see 3:10 to Yuma, The Valley of Ewah, Death Sentence, Rendition, The Kingdom and Rush Hour 3 which comes out this Friday. Click here


2 responses to “Best Action Movie ever?

  1. The fight scene was crazy. You could tell that Desh was one of the better assassins in the game because he game Bourne all he could handle. You had to love how savage Bourne was throughout the movie. Just walking away from every car chase scene like it was nothing….especially the one after his car grinded on the barrier and then got wrapped around the wall…I was just sitting there watching and saying “holy shit!”

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