Bonds Catches Aaron

450_ap_bonds_755_0708043.jpgSo he finally got it done…great, can someone put me out of my misery? Geez…I feel like throwing up. How about him hitting 755 off Chad Hensley who was busted for roids himself? Gotta love the irony. I don’t know, I’m not so pissed at the fact that he did steroids and the record’s tainted what pisses me off more is that the record belongs to Bonds (well will soon) and not Griffey Jr. It pisses me off. I watched Griffey play day in and day out in the 90’s and you can’t tell me that there was ever a better player to play the game of baseball. He could do it all and it’s just so hard for me to sit here and watch Bonds take the record that should have been Griffey’s. Then not to mention A-Rod who was OURS become the fastest to 500 ever and seemingly on his way to 850 if not 900. It’s just not fair. Griffey plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played and what does he get? Injuries and top of injuries during the prime of his career. Well whatever, as long as he finishes with a respectable 720 or so I’ll be happy I guess. The steroids factor doesn’t bother me so much because you have to understand that hitting a baseball a long ways has a lot more to do with other skills and talents then being really strong. Hitting a baseball is arguably the toughest thing to do in sports and doing steriods doesn’t help you anymore than it would help you to make a 20 foot, hard-breaking putt in golf. It doesn’t help you hit the baseball, OK? Does it help you hit it farther? Yes. Does it help you stay healthy? Probably. My point is it still takes a prodigious amount of skill to hit 755 homers and you have to give the guy the credit he deserves. If you’re going to be sickened at the breaking of the record be sickened by the fact that it was Bonds and not Ken Griffey Jr.


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