Alright so I know this post will be coming in a little behind the times but I only just decided on creating the blog so now is when its going to be shared, capeish?

Michael Vick is by no means a smart man and I’m not going to be trying to stick up for him and his ill-advised decisions. Some ask why would he ever engage in such an activity when the betting amounts are minimal compared to his salary and rightly so. To me it’s quite obvious that he does it because he loves it. He wants to have the best and toughest pitbulls in all the land…well, at least all of the south [this has to be a crazy southern thing, breeding and fighting pitbulls…] and its a passion for him, just like movies are for me or cars are for others. Humans just have an innate trait about them that makes them follow their passions no matter how stupid or dangerous they may be to others or appear to be.

But on to my main point here. I don’t understand what is wrong with dogfighting or cockfighting for that matter. Dogs — and the pitbulls involved — are pets, are they not? They were purchased by Vick and the other participants in these fights (or at least the parents were, the pups are therefore also in their possession) and are therefore owned by the participants. What someone does with their possessions for the most part remains legally none of our business and rightly so. So then why are the laws different for pets? Why does the society in which believes its ok to take an animal in as a pet, thereby stealing away their independent rights (any that they may have had) and allowing people to own them, then contradict themselves by saying that animals do have rights? It’s hypocritical! Animals have no rights. Whats the difference between hunting a deer for sport or allowing two dogs to fight it out to the death? You have to remember that these are dogs, dogs whose nature it is to fight. If two pitbulls were fighting down a deserted alleyway and one was killed, would it be any different? Of course it wouldn’t, yet it’s being treated different all the time by a ridiculously conservative society that only continues to get more conservative. Dogfighting isn’t barbaric or savage or animal cruelty. It’s animal nature! Animal nature just the same as it is for two male lions to fight over a female in the Serengeti.

As long as it’s ok for humans to fight one another (put into the ring by fellow humans otherwise known as boxing promoters) then how is it wrong for two dogs to fight one another?

The only problem with what Vick has done is the reports that he has executed dogs in savage ways. That’s animal cruelty to me — putting a gun to an innocent dog’s head and blowing it off. But putting two dogs in a ring and allowing them to do what they do? Definitely not.


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