th_p60200271.jpgMyself. Or now known to you as maximus03. Why maximus03? Good question. Well in addition to being a sports enthusiast which is what this blog will primarily pertain to, I am passionate about the film industry. I consider myself a movie buff and one who has a really good taste in movies. So obviously those who have seen Gladiator will know that my name is patterned after Russell Crowe’s character. Gladiator is my all time favorite movie (tied a top a strong list with Heat) and Crowe’s performance was unbelievable in it, Maximus has to be one of the best film characters of all time and at any rate he’s one of my favorites. I choose his name to represent that and his strong character, leadership.

This blog in addition to being primarily about sports will touch on politics and of course film. You will find that I have many interests and an extremely strong opinion that I have finally chosen to share rather than keep boiled up inside my mind.

So if you love sports and movies, want to hear the truth — because my opinions are just that, right, and everyone who disagrees is wrong — sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.


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