Mariners 10, Orioles 3

In an offensive explosion on Tuesday night for the Mariners that saw them register 17 hits and leave 12 men on base in addition to their 8 runs scored, the M’s were not only able to defeat the Orioles 8-3 but snap a 2 game losing streak and keep pace with the Angels in the West who also won and the Yankees and Tigers in the Wild Card.

The biggest story of the night is easily the Mariners offense breaking out of a mini slump for the afore mentioned statistics and the biggest benefactors of the night are none other than the two most wanted Mariners to step up their games: none other than Richie Sexson and Raul Ibanez. Both had nights that probably bought them an extra week of playing time with 2-4 and 3-6 2HR’s and 4 RBIs nights respectively.

Well that’s just dandy. Color me thrilled. Why Raul Ibanez was even playing in the first place after the Mariners brought up Adam Jones last week is beyond me. It makes no sense to have this kid playing every other day. If you’re going to bring him up you need to play him at least 5 games out of every 7. He’s not doing you any good sitting on the pine and it sure isn’t doing him any good.

Even with their good nights Ibanez and Sexson need to have their days doning the Mariner uniform numbered. Nights like these have been few and far between and when they are making what they’re making and even further — keeping prospects like Adam Jones on the bench — it’s time for them to go.


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