“Glory’s Last Shot”: A preview

southern-hills.jpgTomorrow the golfing world turns their eyes upon Southern Hills as the greatest golfers in the world descend upon the challenging course with it’s undulating greens and tight corners and try to endure the 100+ degree temperatures and sweltering humidity as well as the rest of the field to raise the Wanamaker Trophy.

If the year to this point can be any sort of predictor to what may happen this weekend, I think two things are clear: the winner will be overpar and a first time major winner.

The biggest challenge to those two things reigning supreme will be Tiger Woods who hasn’t won a major yet this year and that has only happened 3 times, the latest being 2004. Yet after not only winning the WGC at Bridgestone last weekend but dominating it with an 8 shot victory he seems to be on a mission to get his 13th major this year.

So with all of that being said let’s take a look at my top 5 contenders for this week:

5. Padraig Harrington —

After robbing the Open Championship from my boy Sergio Garcia he is not only riding a high but he’s playing well and has all the confidence in the world right now. Look for him to finish in the top 10.

4. Aaron Baddeley —

He played pretty badly in the final round at the U.S Open when he had the lead but the fact of the matter is he has come into his own this year and plays well at the PGA historically.

3. Angel Cabrera —

He has a lot of confidence and is really playing well after winning the U.S Open in June. Don’t be surprised to see him on the first page of the leaderboard all week long.

2. Tiger Woods —

Has to be on a mission this week to capture his 13th major and first for the year. After watching him at Bridgestone last week can you bet against him? Well, I can. He just hasn’t been playing that well recently and Bridgestone is just a course that he owns. I don’t see him winning…

1. Sergio Garcia —

OK so this is a homer pick but you know what? I don’t give a fuck. Garcia says he likes his game right now and that he likes the set up of the course. And you know what else? He’s had success at Southern Hills before. Being only a shot out of the lead entering Sunday at the 2001 U.S Open. He’s playing well and if there is anybody on more of a mission to win this major than Woods, its him after being robbed by Harrington just 3 weeks ago.

2 responses to ““Glory’s Last Shot”: A preview

  1. Nice post summarizing the weekend ahead. Looking forward to it but always curious as to why the PGA manages to schedule their tournament most every August in the hottest places on Earth. The course should be the challenge, not staying alive.

  2. Thank you and I agree with you about the conditions but ohh well. I heard a strong argument yesterday that you have to consider when worrying about the heat being a problem…A lot of golfers these days live in places like Arizona or Miami or Texas and are used to playing in heat like this so it really shouldn’t be an issue.

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