White Sox 5, Mariners 3

Nothing but mistakes made tonight by Manager John Maclaren who resembles a knucklehead more than a manager right now. Why Adam Jones is sitting 4 days of the week is beyond me. Anybody can see that he’s an asset to this club both in the outfield and at the plate. Yet he plays Jose Guillen who was hurt the night before and easily could have used a day off. I don’t care if Guillen said he was ready to go, what else is he going to say? Of course the kid wants to play but he needed a day off and Jones has earned his playing time. He also decides to play Raul Ibanez in left once it became clear that Guillen was able to go and look at what that move cost him in the seventh: 2 runs on a ball that probably would’ve been caught by Jones. But no, the little bitch sticks with his ailing veterans and he pays for it.

Another great example of that methodology was shown crystal clear in the top of the eighth when Richie Sexson strode to the plate with runners on first and second with nobody out. Now Sexson had previously doubled in the game giving him his one hit and everybody and their moms should have known that that was his max quota for the evening and pinch hit him. But what does Maclaren do? Why of course he lets Sexson go up there and swing away so that he can ground into a double play and thereby hammer in the last nail in the Mariners’ coffin for the night. Just absolutely horrendous managing and if Adam Jones isn’t playing tomorrow I think I may have to kill someone…


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