Mariners 4, Twins 3

Wow. An excellent win for the Mariners and a great way for it to end for Richie Sexson in particular who has been openly complaining about the Seattle fans riding him with choruses of boos lately. I must say the fans need to show some respect right now and lay off, the guy is working hard to come around and it seems that he has. Going against Johan Santana and almost taking him deep is a solid night’s work in itself, striking out twice against the league’s leading strikeout pitcher shouldn’t be seen as struggling (if he had struck out 3 or more then, ok, let the boos rain). One thing I didn’t like was John Maclaren going to the bullpen right away in the seventh without even letting Felix come back out to start the inning. Felix had just completed the 5th and 6th innings in which he gave up a total of 1 hit and a cheap run with something like 20 pitches. He started the sixth inning with 103 pitches. He would’ve started the seventh with 110. There isn’t enough difference there or between his command to the point where he didn’t deserve the opportunity to come back out and pitch the seventh inning. Instead Maclaren chooses to go to John Parrish in relief (another mistake in itself, don’t you just hate how they make you think that they just picked up a savior in a trade through the media and then the first chance they get they use him and it’s shown clearly that he sucks? thats always what happens) and immediately Felix’s win is thrown down the shitter. Sean Green can’t even keep the ball in the infield for the two batters he faces and lets both runners aboard score. However if he would’ve come in in the first place instead of Parrish, odds are the score would’ve remained 3-1 in favor of the Mariners.

As happy as I am to see Sexson win the game with a walkoff, I’m more pissed to see Felix lose a win that he earned and rightfully deserved. Hopefully in coming starts Maclaren will leave Felix out there longer (as long as his command is still good) and let him get his wins.


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