Seahawks look good in Preseason Opener

After watching the Seattle Seahawks preseason opener against the San Deigo Chargers on my DVR a couple of things really stood out to me in their 24-16 win. First, the offensive line is really solid. The first and second units were able to give Hasselbeck and Wallace all day to throw against a team that has the best front 7 in all of football and a really good backup unit as well. The running game could’ve been better but all in all the offensive line looks excellent and really deep because guys like Ray Willis and Mansfield Wrotto showed really well.

My second observation is that man can Ben Obomanu play or what? He was catching everything in sight including some passes that were a bit off the mark from Seneca but still managed to coralle them. I heard the NBC team of Michaels and Madden say that Holmgren is looking to only take 4 WRs but I don’t see it. Thats a very small number and historically has rarely been done. I think the Hawks keep 6 especially with the low amount of TE’s and Obomanu and Kent make the team. Thirdly, I don’t like Brian Russell at safety at all. I don’t know why there has been so much hype and hub bub about him and his signing. He was a second team player for Cleveland and all of a sudden now he’s supposed to be some savior? The guy is slow and not very good in coverage. If this team wants to win it will start Mike Green opposite of Deon Grant.

One major area of concern remains to be the defensive of line and their ability to stop big runs on third and long especially. I have never like Darby and still don’t, he needs to be cut and same goes for Craig Terrill. Mebane showed well and should receive a solid amount of playing time in the defensive line rotation. Once we get Tubbs back, a defensive line rotation of Tubbs and Bernard starting with Mebane and Davis coming off the pine would be very good. At the end spots you have to like the addition of Kerney and the play of Tapp right now. I say start Kerney and Tapp, bring Fisher and  Atkins in through rotation and cut everyone else.

Some other quick observations: linebackers look solid and I look to see big things come from Leroy Hill this year, I think he’s going to be used more in the blitz packages this year; Trufant arms look noticeably bigger and I think you’re going to see a solid year from him as well as Jennings; Leonard Weaver continues to make a run at that starting FB job and I’m not sure if Holmgren will give it to him but I must say he’s making it hard to leave on the bench so I see him getting a lot of playing time this year.

My starting offensive line right now would be (L.-R.): Jones, Sims, Spencer, Willis, Locklear with Gray, Wrotto and Ashworth first subs.

One last observation: is it just me or was John Madden actually nice to listen to on Sunday? It really seemed like he had stepped up his game and was bringing a lot of Seahawk knowledge to the table. Maybe its just the fact that it’s preseason but he didn’t mention Favre once or use any of his Maddenisms, I couldn’t believe it was the same guy to tell you the truth.

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