Mariners sign Phillipe Aumont

aumont.jpgBreaking news from the Seattle Mariners is that the organization has come to terms with 18 year old Canadian High Schooler Phillipe Aumont. Aumont, who was the 11th overall selection in June’s MLB draft is a 6’7″ 225 lb RH with enormous potential as a power pitcher. Contract details weren’t immediately available but this comes hours before the 9pm deadline and is extraordinary news for the team.

If the team wouldn’t have been able to sign Aumont by 9pm tonight, Aumont would’ve re-entered the draft next year and his rights no longer belonging to the Mariners. By signing the huge right-hander, the Mariners have added a talented young pitcher to their growing crop of prospects. He will now be able to get a solid few months in by pitching for one of the organization’s affiliates, most likely AA or AAA and could be ready to join the rotation as early as the beginning of next season. You really never know, just look at Brandon Morrow this year.

So again, great news today as the Mariners sign first round pick Phillipe Aumont. For further details check out


2 responses to “Mariners sign Phillipe Aumont

  1. Closer? I think J.J Putz has that role locked down for the next 5 maybe 7 years. No, Aumont is definitely headed to the rotation with an arm like his.

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