Mariners drop first of big series with Anaheim

Hopefully it goes to show all of the media types and fans around Seattle that think the Mariners are a legit World Series contender how wrong they are. Yes, the Mariners have a well balanced offense and yes they have a great bullpen, but they have just 2 good starters that they can count on right now — Felix Hernandez and Jeff Weaver. Miguel Batista is collapsing and Horacio Ramirez would be dropped faster from the playoff roster than you could say “World Series.” Jarrod Washburn…well there’s potential there. His past few starts haven’t been bad by any means, he’s just getting little to no run support.

The Mariners will win the next two games if they even belong in the Playoffs to begin with. If not, then they don’t. But when they do win the final games of this series everyone will again get all excited like they’re gonna win the division or something. Can’t we just be happy that they’re going to make the playoffs winning the wild card?

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