Mariners get swept by Angels; stick a fork in ’em.

What’s the point, Geoff? Do you and does anyone else really think this team belongs in the playoffs? Do you think that this rotation of inconsistency can win a playoff series against Boston? NO and NO. So let’s get younger and prepare for next season.

John Maclaren doesn’t have any managerial skills at all. All he does is play to his veterans. I mean there is any number of gaffes that I can point to but how about giving Felix the hook after 6 innings and just 84 pitches! against Texas in his last start when he was pitching phenomenally?! He had one bad pitch the entire game and yet he pulls his ace to go with a matchup situation. This is your ACE!! You don’t pull him when he’s pitching unbelievably, it’s ludicrous. This crap that Felix was tired is bs. If Millwood can go 9 so can Felix. That messes with a pitcher’s psyche for one thing and it doesn’t allow Felix to build his confidence. Your ace needs to get accustomed to going long and just when he’s about to do that he gets pulled for a matchup situation, give me a freaking break! He’s lucky the bullpen held on for the win in that game. But then we get to this series and he mismanages not only the bullpen but the game all series. Why was Sherrill wasted for mop up duty in the ninth last night? Why does he go to White in a crucial situation (the bigger Q, why was White even signed?! This guy was sitting on the waiver wire for a freaking reason. It never seizes to amaze me how managers will bring in a guy fresh off the waiver wire, brand new to a team into the game in a pressure situation on his first appearance. I don’t understand the confidence or the trust AT ALL)? Why is Ibanez still playing defense late in the game last night? Did anybody else see how foolish he looked trying to catch that ball against the wall last night in the 7th? I thought Adam Jones was brought up for that reason. Gawd damnit! I just can’t handle watching this crap. Meanwhile we get to sit here and watch Vladimir Guerrero continue to tear us up while watching our so-called franchise player that everyone seems to not be able to get enough of — Ichiro — do literally nothing the entire series. Does anybody else realize that in 2003 the Mariners could’ve signed Vlad, but opted to re-sign Ichiro instead. And then this year he’s given a $100 million contract when you have Adam JOnes waiting in the wings to take over. Great managing of the franchise. Seriously, well done. *applauds*

The Mariners need to go young. Sit Ibanez, sit Vidro, sit Sexson and play Jones, Balentien (when he gets called up) and Broussard. Just to let everyone know here who might not have thought about this yet…when 2008 comes around Adam Jones is NOT a reserve player. There should be no reason for him to be sitting on the bench. His time has come. He’s an every day player right now but definitely next year. So what does the front office do? If you like Jose Guillen so much and you sign him to an extension (which should be done since other than Beltre he probably plays harder than anyone on the team), how do we make room for Jones? Well, frankly it’s simple — trade Ibanez. He’s terrible in the field and frankly he’s had one good month the entire year. Perhaps you find a deal that acquires a quality bullpen arm that makes the transition of Morrow to the rotation (definitely needs to be done) that much easier. And who knows, maybe we see a pleasant surprise from Phillipe Aumont like we got from Morrow and he’s ready to join the rotation. Frankly, I’d rather have him in there then Weaver (let go after year’s end) or Ramirez. Move Batista to the bullpen as a situational guy and suddenly this team is much improved.

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