Seahawks projected 53 man roster

With cutdown day coming this Saturday and opening week just days away, it’s time for me to look into my crystal ball and project the Seahawks opening week roster. So without further ado, here’s the team I would put on  the field week 1 (and the rest of the 16 weeks for that matter):


QB (3): Hasselbeck, Wallace, Greene

RB (6): Alexander, Morris, Strong, Weaver, Parry, Weeks

WR (6): Branch, Hackett, Burleson, Engram, Obomanu, Kent

TE (2): Pollard, Heller

OL (9):  Jones, Sims, Spencer, Gray, Locklear, Willis, Ashworth, Wrotto, Womack


DL (9): Tapp, Tubbs, Bernard, Kerney, Fisher, Mebane, Davis, Darby, Atkins

LB (6): Peterson, Tatupu, Hill, Bentley, Laury, Herring

CB (5): Trufant, Jennings, Wilson, Babineaux, Hobbs

S (4): Green, Grant, Boulware, Russell


K (1): Brown

P (1): Plackemeier

LS (1): Rackley

PRACTICE SQUAD (8) [hopefully]:

WR Courtney Taylor, OL Steve Vallos, S C.J Wallace, FB David Kirtman, CB Dajuan Groce

3 others picked off of other teams


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