Miss South Carolina gives “U.S. Americans” a whole new definition.

Ok, so maybe I’m behind the times on this one but I don’t spend much time watching entertainment shows or going to sites like msn.com or aol.com so the news about Miss Teen America from South Carolina and her little response to the question, “Recent polls have shown 1/5th of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a world map, why do you think this is?” got to me a bit late. If you haven’t seen this yet then you need to click on the link and watch it. When I watched that today I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Not a lot of people have maps” ? huh? South Africa and Iraq and like such as, our education over there should help… huh? How can someone truly be this retarded? You feel like reaching through the t.v and just smacking her across the head with a rolled up newspaper.

Then, she goes on the Today Show obviously the hosts are all trying to make excuses for her and she, like a person dying of dehydration being offered water, reaches for each one desperately, trying to pass them off as legit reasons for being so stupid. “I was so nervous up there…”, “I seriously only heard a small part of the question…”, “Yeah, I wasn’t even ready for the question!” like OMG, I totally believe you!! NOT!

How can those hosts sit there and act like those excuses were the reason. Obviously the attempt there is to help her repair her reputation in front of a national audience that is probably a more forgiving sort of demographic but by showing the video it’s almost like the damage is beyond repair. You watch that and suddenly you’re feeling disgusted with her and then the cameras flip back to her live and she’s just sitting there utterly helpless and embarrassed (rightfully so) … all you can do is just shake your head.

Those excuses being thrown to her like life preservers are nothing but lies. After watching Seinfeld EVERYONE knows that being nervous and not being prepared for the question are complete bullshit excuses. It’s not like we don’t know that she has coaches and guardians and what not going over every single step of the contest with her day in and day out for who knows how many straight months. On top of that, you don’t enter a competition like that of Miss Teen America without being comfortable in front of the camera, in front of people. She — and every other contestant — knows what they are getting into when they enter that competition. So no, I don’t accept any of those excuses. There are NO EXCUSES.

I don’t feel an ounce of remorse for her. And its completely ironic in such a bad way that she was named Miss Teen America. The whole premise that she represents teen America, what a perfect way to represent our teens. Someone that cannot even speak coherent, proper English. Someone that doesn’t know her geography or basic politics or even basic social studies. For crying out loud, she brings up South Africa and Iraq “and everywhere like such as” in a question that strictly pertains to the U.S. I’m completely disgusted by the response. To have something thrown so blatantly in front of your face as proof of the complete idiocy that lives in parts of this nation….it hurts. It hurts me as a citizen of this country. It hurts me as a fellow human being!

Could the people around her please throw her a book?!


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