A voice of reason to M’s fans still clinging to last strands of hope

I love how we’re all still trying to come up with solutions that might give the Mariners the needed shot in the arm that will suddenly get them to be consistent and go gangbusters down the stretch here to make the playoffs. Doesn’t anyone here get it? After 5+ months of baseball we still don’t realize the make up of this team?!

The Mariners are not any good folks. The bullpen was overrated for a long time and is now finally showing its true colors. The starting rotation including Felix Hernandez is far too inconsistent to do anything noteworthy in the postseason and the lineup is far too up and down to compensate for these flaws. Even if they were to somehow manage to put it all together for a really magnificent 3 week run (like they’ve done before), what does it matter? They aren’t going to be able to continue the success in the playoffs. Not when the rotations shorten to 3 or 4 guys and the bullpen’s importance becomes magnified 20 times.

THERE’S JUST NO POINT ANYMORE GUYS!! Suck it up and realize that this season is over and it’s time to prepare for next season. Bench Vidro, bench Lopez, bench Broussard. Move Ibanez to first, Jones to left and Balentien to DH. Bloomquist and/or Green can platoon at 2nd. Give Clement some more looks at catcher, etc. and etc. Now if only Maclaren would read this…


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