Huskies win 24-10, snap Boise St.’s 14-game win streak

After watching the game in person and seeing the Huskies really battle against the Broncos and efficiently impose a bend but don’t break defense against them. The defense really came to play against Boise St. when it probably had to. Locker seemed to struggle a little bit as the running game as a whole had a tough time getting going but the Huskies fought through it and managed to get enough done on the ground to have a balanced offense. I really liked the way the defensive line and linebackers played especially Savannah, Howell and the trio of Rayford, Gunheim and Te’o Neshiem. The secondary grew up I think. Vonzell McDowell got beat early on and rightly so as he’s a true freshman but he came back in the third and fourth quarters and with that late interception and perhaps learned enough to the point where his confidence is higher and his play improves. On to Roy Lewis and what can you say other than the kid is a stud and hopefully will get the chance to continue to prove that by staying healthy. He tackles well and he covers well and man, do the Huskies need some leadership in that secondary right now.

This Saturday the dawgs move on to play the Ohio State Buckeyes and face their biggest challenge yet. This Buckeyes team, although a bit removed from the talent that took them to the national championship game last year is still a program that has been to two national championships in the past four years or something. They have the best defense the Huskies are going to face all year outside of the two in L.A (and they’re right up there with them) so if the Huskies don’t get the passing game going, they’re going to be in trouble and there’s no doubt about that. I don’t care whether or not Ohio St.’s offense is struggling. This is a defense that forced 12 straight 3-and-outs against Troy St. and I don’t care whether it’s Troy St. or Florida, that is impressive. The Huskies aren’t going to be able to run the ball and that is for sure. There is no way that Rankin gets going. Ohio State’s defense has speed upon speed and without a back that can hit it between the tackles, they aren’t going to be able to do shit against the Buckeyes. So you have to be able to throw and I really think that the Huskies have the receivers to do that, it’s just up to Jake Locker to hit them. I wonder if the coaching staff is going to be game planning to use another back like Hasty, Shaw or Johnson with Rankin to run up the gut because they really are going to need to these next three games, not just against the Buckeyes. Hopefully they are because they’re really going to need to be able to run the ball if they want to beat these next three opponents.


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