M’s finish road trip 2-9; return home beaten like an old drum

You have to be unimpressed with everything about the Mariners right now. Even the promising young ace in Felix Hernandez can’t seem to string two solid outings together. Now whether thats his fault or not, remains to be seen I think. If Sexson starts at first base that first inning hit by Granderson is an out, but instead you have Broussard at first who’s defense is very suspect. So then Granderson is on base distracting Hernandez as he tries to get his 20th steal to enter the 20-20-20-20 club while Hernandez tries to focus on Polanco. And what does Polanco do? He gets some cheap knubber down the line to go for a hit *shakes head sadly* give me a break. It seems like Hernandez falls victim to hits like that a lot right now. It’s really annoying just because of how cheap they are.

On to the team though. As all of you know who read this blog consistently, I’m on the bandwagon entitled “make changes now” and won’t get off until they are made. I’m happy to see the Mariners fold up like an accordion and only hope that it continues and leads to some major changes in the offseason. Let’s make no mistake about it, changes need to be made. Status quo ain’t gonna do shit for the Mariners. Not only lineup and rotation changes but coaching and bullpen as well.

Anyways, comments accepted as always, I want to hear what you guys have to say.

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