Seahawks 20, Buccaneers 6

The defense was hitting hard and Alexander returned to form in the season opener at Qwest on Sunday. Early on, especially in the first quarter there was some questionable defensive play calling and execution as they gave up some big plays but they really buckled down and started to play some solid team defense. Peterson, Tatupu, Kerney and Grant all looked really good. Brian Russell on the other hand continues to look so overrated by the coaching staff it sickens me. I didn’t see that guy around any play the entire game! I’m sorry but Mike Green is by far a better player and hopefully we’ll see a change there soon when the coaching staff realizes this.

The offense on the other hand struggled mightily. Now some credit has to go to the Tampa Bay Bucs d, which coached by Monte Kiffin and led by all-pro Derrick Brooks has always been good. They looked really fast and mixed up a lot of there coverage, probably giving Hasselbeck some fits and led to him dumping down to Mack Strong 4 times in the flat and to Marcus Pollard. However, I’m sorry but the passing game needs to open up big time. Aside from that big play to Maurice Morris and Bobby Engram the passing game looked pretty pathetic. Deion Branch didn’t catch a pass and that just can’t happen. Now, Hasselbeck did a wonderful job of managing the game going 17-24 for 222 and 1 touchdown with no interceptions but we really need to open it up more.  I want to see more intermediate routes than all of this check down stuff to Mack Strong. They need to go down field and be more aggressive than they are. I’m sick of these flat passes and the 6 yard slants. Come on Holmgren! Let’s open it up baby! geeez

But you really got to like the defense and the speed and the attitude that they are playing with. Gotta love it. Top ten d here we come.


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