Hawks should pick up “Tank” Johnson

To put it simply, the Seattle Seahawks are far too small at the defensive tackle position and have been for years. The thing is, that factor is remains the major reason that the team struggles against the run. The standard in the league is having two guys who are big, strong, and athletic. Guys like big Marcus Stroud and John Henderson in Jacksonville or Tommie Harris and whoever else in Chicago or Jamaal Williams and that one dude in San Diego.

Tank Johnson can be that guy and when Tubbs gets healthy next season you have a pretty formidable duo provided he can stay healthy. I say we give Tubbs one more opportunity since he’s still on his rookie contract but that doesn’t have to stop you from drafting an athletic, big run stopping tackle with you first round pick in 2008. You put Johnson with Tubbs (or #1) and Mebane and Bernard rotating in and suddenly your defensive tackle rotation is 10x better. Darby and Terrill get cut and everyone’s happy because you’re only giving up an average of 60 yards on the ground per game.

Now I know that Johnson has had some off-field issues but everyone deserves a second chance. You know some team in the league is going to give him that chance, why not the Seahawks? You can’t just run a team on the basis of having perfect citizens. This is the NFL. You win on talent and great coaching, not on being good citizens and having the best sportsmanship. Don’t be one of the 31 teams that ends up kicking themselves for not signing him (well, it’ll probably end up only being 10 or so teams since a number of teams are already set at the position).


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