Week 3 NFL thoughts

  •  Grossman needs to be demoted and should’ve been a LONG time ago.
  • I think the decision by Shanahan to go for it in that situation (4th and five from own 9 with 4:41 left in the fourth) was a good one. You have to expect that the Jaguars — who had utterly dominated time of possession all game long — would’ve gotten the ball back on the 50 or inside Broncos territory. Now I don’t know the time out situation for either team but obviously the thought here is that the Jaguars would’ve been able to run out the clock and tacked on a FG at worst no matter what.
  • I say the Titans win tonight, that defense is pretty solid.
  • As far as the Chargers, I think a lot of it is the defenses they have played in their first three games but undoubtedly they have to get that offensive line going to get LT busting loose. And I’m especially interested in them getting it turned around because after having the #1 pick in my fantasy league for the first time ever I was finally able to get LT and now he’s struggling. WHY?!!!
  • The Packers are surprising me just as much as everyone else and it pisses me off. I hate the Packers. Someone needs to shut that team up.

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