A Wild Week of College Football

Some analysis and reflections on the week:

  • USC’s drop to #2 regardless of beating my alma mater UW is completing justified considering how bad they looked and how good LSU continues to look.
  • If you watched the Cal-Oregon game you have to be impressed with both teams and especially Cal and WR DeSean Jackson who has stepped into the top 3 for the Heisman trophy. That game was incredible and came down to basically the final play where Oregon was inches away from tying it up and sending it into OT. Cal is a legit top-3 team in the nation and I see them beating USC as they are the top team in the Pac-10. Oregon is a legit top-10 team, no way should they be sitting at #14 right now.
  • the Pac-10 is looking incredibly strong as well as deep right now. Four top 25 teams with 5-0 Arizona St. joining the afore mentioned teams. Soon it will be 5 and perhaps 6 with UCLA and Oregon St joining the ranks. But probably not when you consider the top-25 is all about win-loss record and when these teams have to manage the guantlet that is the schedule they play. Washington, Arizona, Oregon St. and Washington St. are not gimme teams by any stretch of the imagination. I think the Pac-10 has 8 teams in the top 40 of the nation.
  • Seeing teams like South Florida and Kentucky in the top-10 is wonderful. You’ve gotta like both teams and how they’re playing right now. Mark my words right now, Souh Florida wins the Big East title and West Virginia comes in 2nd. And by the way, how about the play of Kentucky QB Andre’ Woodson? That guy is incredible; 325 consecutive passes without an INT? Wow, just wow. I sorta wish the Seahawks were in a position to draft this kid come next year.
  • The upset that I’m most surprised about is Oklahoma losing to Colorado. I thought Oklahoma was a notch above everyone else in the Big 12 including Texas. Florida losing to Auburn was something I saw coming, Tebow and Co. aren’t that good.
  • I’m also surprised at the Illini beating Penn St. Definitely didn’t see that one coming.
  • I did however predict Georgia Tech over Clemson. Ga Tech is just too talented to lose three in a row.

My top 5 Heisman candidates:

  1. QB Andre’ Woodson — Kentucky
  2. RB Darren McFadden — Arkansas
  3. WR DeSean Jackson — California
  4. QB Matt Young– Boston College
  5. QB Colt Brennan — Hawaii

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