Seahawks make big statement

In dominating the San Francisco 49ers in Monster Park, the Seattle Seahawks showed everyone just who is the boss in the NFC West and hopefully teams around the league took notice. The Seahawks just opened up a can of whoop-ass on the 49ers and took them out to the woodshed and beat them like they were their red-headed step child.

The defense is fast and physical and un-relenting. They’ll hit you and keep hitting you all game long. Guys like Julian Peterson, Lofa Tatupu, Darryl Tapp, Rocky Bernard, Patrick Kerney, Leroy Hill, Marcus Trufant, Deon Grant and Kelly Jennings are playing extremely well at this point in the season.

The offense is explosive even if they don’t try to be for the majority of the game if they don’t have to. Deion Branch is playing phenomenally as is Matt Hasselbeck. Nate Burleson, Bobby Engram and Seneca Wallace provide solid, sure-handed complimentary options for Matt and open up the field. The offensive line is giving Matt quality protection and time to throw. If there’s one gripe with this team right now it is the running game. Shaun Alexander just isn’t the 1800 yard rusher of 2005 and the o-line isn’t getting enough push up front to allow him to get going. It’s critical to convert the 3rd and shorts with the running game and right now Shaun isn’t getting it done. I think using Mack or Leonard Weaver (the fullbacks) needs to be done more often in that situation.

And now the schedule really opens up for the Seahawks. They have a tough game this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh, a rematch of Super Bowl XL but then they have a stretch of 6 or 7 games that all look very winnable. In short, after beating the Steelers this weekend the Seahawks could very well be 11-1 entering week 14 against the Panthers. And mind you, they are really one play away from being 4-0 right now. Maybe that loss was a good thing, as the entire media/country continue to overlook the powerhouse residing in the upper-northwest corner right now.

Ahhh, but it’s just how we like it.


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