Confirmed: Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes for interim WW title, UFC 79: Nemesis

The UFC really stepped up big this time and made a bad break turn into a really good break. Not only did they replace a main event with a good fight, they created a BETTER fight than they had previously. Props to both Matt Hughes and especially St.-Pierre for taking the fight, St.-Pierre taking it with just 5 weeks to prepare for Hughes although let’s not concern ourselves with that too much; these fighters have fought twice before and St.-Pierre is/was undoubtedly training, keeping himself in shape for any future fight that was to come. Five weeks should be plenty of time for GSP. In fact, five weeks is too much for me. I want this event to be coming up this weekend!

Again, I just want to say well done by the UFC for pulling together a stellar replacement fight rather than just sitting on their hands and postponing the original fight. They owe it to the fans of the sport to put out great PPV cards EVERY month and with the past couple lackluster cards and the uncertain status of several of the belts right now, they needed to do something to curry favor with the fans. They have done it. Hopefully, they will build off this move and continue to do it. They have almost everyone of the top fighters in the sport within their organization and endless great matchups are at their disposal yet so many fighters haven’t fought/won’t have fought for a few – several months. Guys like Kongo, Cro Cop, Big Nog, Tito Ortiz, Shogun, Griffin, Jardine, Rampage, Dan Henderson, Andrei Arlovski, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, etc. and etc. Hopefully every one of these fighters will have a fight lined up for January or February or March by the end of December.

Again, well done and  can’t wait till UFC 79: Nemesis. Readers, stay tuned for future breakdowns of the UFC division status and of the 79 card as well as a recap of the 79 action on the 29th or 30th of December.


2 responses to “Confirmed: Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes for interim WW title, UFC 79: Nemesis

  1. I can’t wait for this fight!!!!!!
    I’m very excited to see these two battle it out again…
    I believe Matt will come out anrd win this revenge fight,although you cant take anything away from GSP.he is a very talented stand up and ground and pounder…LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!!!!!!

  2. seriously. I want Dec. 29th to be this weekend, I can’t wait for it either. But I gotta go with GSP, he’s just too good. I think he negates Hughes’ strength (wrestling) with his great sprawl and his length. Because of that length he’s able to keep Hughes at bay with his striking. I just don’t see Hughes able to do anything against GSP.

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