Redskins safety Sean Taylor, passes away at 24











First of all, I just want to say I’m writing this as a fan of Sean Taylor. I neither knew nor will pretend to know him. I live on the West Coast and didn’t really become a fan of his until he entered the NFL. Nor am I a diehard Redskins fan; if you’ve been to this blog a few times you’ll know that I’m a diehard Seahawks fan. Regardless, I am a fan of football and I liked watching the Redskins the past few years because of the talented defense they had and the offense with Clinton Portis (one of my favorite running backs) running the football; Sean Taylor was an integral part of that defense and the guy that I loved to watch play more than anyone else on the team — more than most in the league. I rooted for him to clean up his off-field problems and to become one of the best safeties in the league, to fulfill his potential and I think he was just starting to scratch the surface of that these past two years.

I just want to say to any Taylor friends and/or family members that may by chance come across this post that today is a very sad day for me. I’m mourning the loss of a person that I loved to watch play the game of football and also that of a man whom I’m sure was changing his life around and loved his little baby girl.

On the other end of this was some troubled individual who doesn’t seem to care about anybody but himself. It was a senseless act and it makes me hate the world we live in when something like this happens.

RIP Sean, I’ll see you when I get there brother.


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