Couture turns down fight with Big Nog; remains retired

It appears that Couture has turned down the fight contract issued to him by the UFC to fight Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera at UFC 81: Breaking Point in February from all that I’ve heard today. The good news is that Randy and the UFC have cleared the air and set aside their differences as both still want to do business with the other and will have to. Randy operates a gym where many of his clients so to speak are UFC fighters and top UFC fighters at that plus he’s still a very good voice/image for the company and it looks like he will remain that for them in the coming months.

So this essentially leaves the UFC with a vacant Heavyweight title and from  everything that Dana White has indicated over the past few weeks the door should be opened for Tim Sylvia to step in and face Noguiera for the vacant title. The only other option — and it seems to be a very distant one — is the UFC coming to terms with Arlovski at long last and setting him up for the title fight at 81 against Nog.

The good thing about this news is that finally the dominoes in the heavyweight division will start to fall. Sylvia and Nogueira will fight for the title, Kongo and Arlovski should fight each other at 82 and Cro Cop and Vera could get signed on to fight each other soon as well. Everything sets up nicely now so it’s good to see things getting settled. Stay tuned for news and updates on the other fighters for I’ll break everything here as soon as I find out. Please comment, I love to hear the feedback and what everyone thinks about the different topics/issues involved with my blog postings.


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