Tim Sylvia confirms he’s fighting at UFC 81: Breaking Point

Tim Sylvia has announced through his myspace that his next fight is indeed at UFC 81 as has been expected with the recent news of Randy Couture turning down a fight contract with Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera. The interesting thing about this, though, is that no opponent has been announced yet and Sylvia himself made it clear that he doesn’t know who it is yet either. For as long as I’ve followed MMA and gone to MMAmania.com (where I got the news) every title fight has always been announced with both fighters  together so it seems kinda odd that Sylvia would not know who he’s fighting when it’s projected that he and Big Nog would be facing each other for the vacant title. I mean you would think that Sylvia would know that his fight was for the title if it were. Hmmm, very curious. Stay tuned though, as I’m sure more revelations will be coming out in regards to the Main event fight for the UFC 81 card as well as other main card fights.

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