Winter Meetings: Day 3 over for the Mariners

Well, not too much to report on the Seattle Mariners front after day 3. It seems that the Johan Santana — whom I knew all along would be pulled off the block until mid-season — is in fact being pulled off the block, well sorta, at this point.

The Twins are not overwhelmed with any offers that they have received from various teams, the frontrunner and most interested, appears to remain the Boston Red Sox. They have let it known that this is what it will take — for them to be overwhelmed — before they commit to trading the best pitcher in all of baseball. And since they feel absolutely zero pressure whatsoever to trade him, the stalemate continues.

Now you’re probably asking yourselves “what does this have to do with the Mariners?” and on the surface it would seem to be a very logical question. But the thing is, once you dig a tiny bit deeper you see the real problem. Teams — like the Orioles in particular — are waiting for this deal to get done so they can gauge “market” value for their stud pitcher. No one wants to look like a fool at a time when a) you’re dealing your organization’s best pitcher and b) the demand for starting pitching is at it’s peak.

So that’s probably where we’re at. Until Minnesota either pulls Santana off the block or deals him, teams are going to sit around with their hands in their pockets.


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