A’s to sign Bonds??

So there’s a report out that essentially points to the A’s “most definitely” signing Barry Bonds, Mr. my head is the size of Texas, Mr. “I didn’t know that was a steroid, I thought it was lotion” *mock stupid voice* — yeah, that guy. Man, and here I was hoping that finally this annoying sideshow, circus clown would ride off into the thunderstorm (rather than sunset, get it?) without so much as a second glance from anyone but oh noooo, of course not. He needs to get his 3,000 hits and the stupid A’s are going to be the team that allows his career to continue. Juuuuuuuust GREAT! By the way, if it sounds like I hate Barry Bonds it’s because I do. Not only did he steal the record away from the my favorite player and the guy that should’ve gotten it right around this time — Ken Griffey Jr. — but he did it by being a flat out cheater. And even though I’ve said on here that steroids don’t really help you hit a baseball, that it still takes a prodigious amount of skill, blah blah blah… the thing is that I LOATHE Bonds and I want him to just disappear. Take your 10 gallon head and GO AWAY! Pick up your stick and go home, Barry!


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