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Alright, sorry guys for taking a week and a half off essentially. Just a busy time around work right now and not too much going on in terms of MMA and baseball with my Mariners, although my Seahawks did clinch the NFC West and secure a playoff berth likely as the #3 seed in the NFC so that was exciting. I actually think they’re starting to play some really good football now as it gets late in the year. Going to the pass has definitely been a much-needed jump-starter for that offense and the d is just really playing great but more on that later.

This post is going to be essentially a hodge podge of my thoughts on various sports related issues in the news right now, I’ll give a couple sentences on each.

Miller Report Comes out 

You know, first off I’m glad the discussion on this has finally started to die down. I really get sick and tired of the constant BS analysis and everyone wondering “what does it all mean, Basil?” It just annoys the crap out of me… Anyways, I’m happy to see a lot of former Yankees on it and Roger Clemens in particular. Obviously the dude was on something to be able to pitch that effectively for so long, I mean your body just can’t do that without losing some velocity on your pitches, give me a break. I hope the HOF voters give him the cold shoulder as they should give to Bonds and everyone else on it. What I really hope now though is we can move on and talk about actual baseball and that the players will stop doing this shit.

 Bill Parcells to the Dolphins as VP of football operations

Good move for the Dolphins, clearly. Parcells is a great football mind and you know, he knows how to build a winner. I’m sure he’ll purge that roster of all its age and get that football team young again and chock full of versatile athletes that it takes to win nowadays in the NFL. Good move for them.

Pro Bowl rosters released 

For the most part, I like the picks. I do think that Fred Taylor got jobbed again as he continually does. The man is 32 or 33 and right at the top of the league leaders in rushing yards and yards per carry. I don’t get the snub there. It should be Tomlinson, Taylor and Addai probably, no Willie Parker. Another big oversight was the non-inclusion of Mario Williams of the Texans. He’s #2 in sacks in the NFL right now with 13, just behind my Hawks’ Patrick Kerney with 13.5 . I don’t think Jason Taylor deserves it this year, not a single dolphin deserves to be going to Hawaii after the display they’ve put on this year and it just shows that the voting process still is far too much a popularity contest. The biggest thing about the Pro Bowl is that it recognizes the best players in the league. When you finish your career that’s a key component of whether you get considered for the Hall of Fame. Forget about whether the game means anything or the fact that its a trip to Hawaii that every single one of them can afford to take whenever they want, it’s the recognition as the best of the best and Williams and Taylor deserve it. Charles Woodson also is having a great season and should’ve been recognized.

Will the Patriots finish undefeated season? 

I think they will and sorta hope they do. However, I would really like to see them get taken out in the playoffs and speaking of Playoffs…

The Playoffs

I’m extremely excited about the NFL playoffs this year. The AFC’s teams just look sick:

  1. New England
  2. Indianapolis
  3. San Diego (projected)
  4. Pittsburgh (projected)
  5. Jacksonville
  6. Cleveland (projected)

I’m going to be rooting for three teams: San Diego, Jacksonville and Cleveland. Now with this seeding arrangement that first game with Cleveland taking on San Diego is gonna suck for me but you know what? At least the Browns took a huge step this year in winning what might be 11 games and making the playoffs. I honestly thought they would be playoff caliber this year and to be able to rub it in all of the analysts faces who thought they were nothing but a four-win team is awesome. I think Jacksonville will repeat their win over the Steelers from last week and move on to face New England and I see them really giving them a run for their money this time. I think the Jaguars are gonna send them home early, I really do. They’ve got the toughness and the running game to frustrate and keep the Patriots off the field respectively. Also, watch out for the Chargers, if they get that defense playing well and with LT playing like the MVP he was last year they will be dangerous.

in the NFC…

  1. Dallas
  2. Green Bay
  3. Seattle
  4. Tampa Bay
  5. New York Giants
  6. Minnesota

that’s how I think it will end up as there is still a lot that can happen but I really like the potential in this conference as well. I think the Seahawks have a very good shot of reaching the Super Bowl again this year. We absolutely own Dallas and our secondary really matches up well with any team that likes to throw the ball. We rush the passer and create turnovers and play lock down coverage on the outside so it’ll be exciting to watch for sure. I’ll come out with a playoff prediction post when everything is finalized at the beginning of ’08, so stay tuned for that.

Well, that’s it for now. As always comment and spread the word about this blog to everyone you know. I really need to get my views up. I’ll be doing a UFC 79 predictions and post fight analysis post plus division rankings in the week following for all you UFC fans out there, so don’t worry about that, they are coming.

Till next time, take care.

2 responses to “Newswire thoughts

  1. I’m a huge fan of what the Jags are doing and agree with rooting for them, thinking they are gonna be a worthy opponent for even the Pats…and Fred Taylor got jobbed not making the Pro Bowl. But, we all know that’s a popularity contest where the same guys get the nod even if they’ve “mailed in” their effort during the year. The Parcells thing is interesting to me…about half of what I read says “great coach, lousy GM” and the other half says he’ll do just fine with the Fish Sticks. I don’t know what to make of it but he surely has a big task ahead of him. Will try to check out your site more often and hope you will do the same.

  2. Thanks for the comment my man and I will check yours out for sure.

    I agree with you on the Jaguars as you can probably tell. I think a team like them that can run the ball on anyone with Taylor, Jones-Drew and that powerful offensive line that they have will wear down any team they play. And that’s what it takes against the Pats. Run the ball at them, control the clock and where them down. A team that can do that and pressure Brady and not give up big plays is going to beat them.

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