Obama, Huckabee win Iowa caucuses

Barack Obama took a major step forward in his campaign to become the next U.S. President and the first African American in its history on Thursday night as he won the Iowa democractic caucus with 38% of the vote. I’ve been a supporter of Obama since his campaign began and will continue to root for him in the remainder of the campaign process. He delivered one hell of a victory speech afterwards saying that America deserves change and that he will be the one to provide it.

On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee continued is crazy surge as he dominated the voting with Mitt Romney coming in a distant 2nd, 10 points behind. I think Huckabee is alright, but the candidate that I’m most interested in from the Republican side is Ron Paul and he seems to be doing ok. Ron Paul is just what this country needs. Someone who follows the constitution and makes the tough decisions. Someone who knows how to fix the economy and stop the astronomical spending that our country is currently doing — and will do it. My dream for the ’08 election would be Obama vs. Paul. Can’t go wrong with either one, its a win-win for me and for the United States.

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