Seahawks fall to Pack to end season

What a disappointing way to end what was certainly an up and down season which showed us Seahawks fans some improvements but also some regressions. I really thought that Seattle was going to win this game and it wasn’t just because I’m biased towards the Seahawks. I felt that we had the better overall defense and just as good of an offense plus more experience in big games. Certainly the beginning showed that and I think had it not started to snow so heavily that the Seahawks really would’ve worn Green Bay down not only with the explosiveness of our offense but with the speed and toughness of our ‘d’.

Yet, the snow didn’t listen to me. It kept falling, and it fell hard. If you look at this game there were perhaps two crucial plays in that first half that if made, would’ve most likely helped the Seahawks on their way to their first playoff road win in 23 years.

The first was tipped pass that was popped up somewhat and slipped through the hands of CB Jordan Babineaux of the Seahawks. At the time the game was 14-7 Seattle and Green Bay was on I think, 2nd down at their own 45. Had Babineaux held on to that ball, Green Bay probably never gets that momentum of 3 straight scores to take the lead and Seattle, even, might’ve taken the 21-7 lead.

The other was Marcus Pollard’s fumble which ultimately gave the Packers the lead for good.  I think had Pollard been able to hang on to that football and the Seahawks somehow managed a first down that they could’ve possibly turned the momentum somewhat. But to me the Babineaux play was most critical. Because of the hard driving snow, the Seahawks speed was negated and Green Bay’s power run game was directly benefitted and they took advantage of it. The Seahawks just couldn’t stop the Packers because of this; they had us completely on our heels and it’s really just unfortunate.

So tough loss but who is are we fooling anyways? The Patriots had this year sewn up since about week 6, the rest of the season was just everyone going through the motions. I mean I watched them play a very good Jags team today and honestly, theirs just no way to stop that offense. You have to try to shorten the game (like the Jags did) to keep it within reach and hope that they make mistakes but they never do! This Tom Brady and the Patriots and they’re just too fucking good!

Anyways, as always I’ll have a offseason forcast of what the Seahawks should and need to do during the offseason to prepare themselves for a 5th straight division title and a Super Bowl run within a couple weeks. Remember to comment and pass the word along to your friends of this blog, thanks.


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