UFC 80: Rapid Fire preview

This pay-per-view is a little different for me than others because it is in London and I don’t believe that I’m going to be able to watch the fights live, I hope to watch them somehow on the internet though so we’ll see. There are only really two fights that matter on this card so I will give you my predictions on those.

BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson for Lightweight title

I really believe that this match is about as even as it gets. Stevenson is sick on the ground and obviously so is Penn. The thing is Stevenson can strike as well and Penn’s striking is merely average. The other thing is whether Penn has refocused or not remains to be seen but I just don’t think Penn is that good. I think he’s waaaay overrated and it should be fun to watch “Daddy” punish him.

Stevenson TKO, 2nd round

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Fabricio Werdum

In my mind there shouldn’t really even be much of a question about who is gonna win this fight. Werdum — at least from what fans have seen at UFC 70 (his last fight) — is completely one dimensional as a fighter. Perhaps he’s gotten better behind closed doors, who knows? The fact of the matter is that Gonzaga is in my honest opinion the most talented heavyweight there is in MMA alongside Andrei Arlovski. His ground game is top notch and his standing his awesome. He can knock you out whether you be Sao Palelei or Fedor with either hand and either leg with any combination of strikes; simply he’s a beast. He would be heavyweight champ right now if it weren’t for Couture’s takedown and busting his nose. Even with the injury Couture withstood at least two vicious shots that probably would’ve ended any other fighter. Anyways, I don’t see Werdum able to hand Gonzaga’s power on the feet and Gonzaga’s wrestling is too good to allow a take down by the much smaller Werdum so…

Gonzaga by KO, 2nd round


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