Commenting on Andrei Arlovski situation in UFC

[Background info: For those of you who haven’t heard the news, Andrei Arlovski is finally set to fight again at UFC 82 vs. Jake O’Brien. UFC 82 is scheduled for March 1st and this is the last fight on Arlovski’s current deal.]

I gotta say that even with the UFC’s apparent disregard for Arlovski (which is completely ludicrous for numerous reasons, but No. 1 among them is he did what he was supposed to do as a fighter — he won the F’n fight! Why would he play to his opponent’s strengths? It was Werdum’s fault for not pressing the action!), if Arlovski comes in and dismantles O’Brien which I see no reason for not happening, then I don’t see anyway that the UFC can let him walk no matter what he asks for. They’re so intent on not letting Couture fight outside the organization against Fedor, I just can’t see them letting an organization like M-1 sign a top talent like Arlovski to fight Fedor. That’s going to sell major PPV buys and tickets, I for one would gladly pay to see that fight over any of the future UFC events save 82 which is looking sick. With as much money as they gave Cro Cop who’s much older and now looking like a complete disaster, Arlovski will have all the bargaining power on his side, because what does he owe the UFC? If anything they owe him for his 8 years of loyalty and after they have just treated him. No matter what they have to pay, the UFC should, and hopefully, will pay it to keep Arlovski around.

WAR PITBULL! Go get it done!


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