Remembering Heath Ledger

heath-ledger.jpgI know I’m late on this but after the news hit me on Tuesday I was just so devastated and completely shocked by it that I couldn’t get around to posting anything and I really wanted to be able to write something when I felt up to it.

I certainly do now and this in no way will be words eloquent or deep enough to satisfy what Ledger deserves…

I was a fan of his in that I saw him as a great young actor with unlimited potential. Ever since I saw him in the Patriot, I followed his work. From the Four Feathers to A Knight’s Tale to Brokeback Mountain of course… he could do so much without even saying a word. And just his demeanor.. I thought he was so down to earth. You could see that in his interviews. He’s always been a very thoughtful, youthful man. The fidgeting, his humble, inquisitive nature appealed to me and I really respect him for being a risk taker, a leader rather than a follower with his work. He bucked the trend of the “hollywood heart throb” type and sought the edgy roles that challenged him — you have to respect that a lot.

I really just wish we could’ve seen him for another 10 years at least. I think he had a great future ahead of him. It’s also sort of interesting that the Dark Knight will be his last movie, the role of Joker his last character. I truly hope that his portrayal of the Joker goes down as one of the best performances in movie history and it would be great to see the Academy acknowledge this posthumously. All indications from the early trailers are that the performance will be special. Just how special we’ll have to wait until June to find out.


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