Analysis of Republican Debate

Clear winners: Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee who both actually benefited from the majority of talking being done by McCain and Romney by watching the two of them bicker back and forth sounded like politicians, greedy and untrustworthy politicians.

Romney won over McCain…

Clear losers:  Clearly McCain who contradicts himself on the immigration issue; got called out on his dirty politics in Florida; bickered like a little bitch with Romney and further called out by Ron Paul for saying he’d have the troops in Iraq for 100+ years if necessary.

My candidate to watch in the GOP… Ron Paul.

He above anyone else of the Republican candidates clearly understands what our country needs to do to solve the issues facing our economy and  Iraq. The issue with Iraq is not bringing our troops home and when, it is the foreign policy that got us there in the first place!

What we get with Ron Paul:

  • Reduced spending, balanced budgets
  • No war in Iraq, protected borders, united nation
  • Sound monetary system, no federal reserve or “paper money”
  • Small government, free market
  • the Constitution being followed the way it was written by our founders!!

People open up your minds and watch these debates unbiasedly. Ron Paul, clearly, has the answers moreso than any of the other Republican candidates. Get out and support the man that can bring change to our nation that is in desperate need of it. Go Ron Paul!!


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