Realtime blogging: Republican Debate

Ron Paul who is getting about one question an hour from Anderson Cooper just killed the two squabling teenage girls A.K.A John McCain and Mitt Romney over foreign policy. Where McCain admitted that he would keep the troops in Iraq for 100 years if needed after he says that we need to strengthen the economy and cut spending, wow, talk about a double entendre. In six years we’ve spent over 3 trillion dollars in Iraq while we operate with trillions of dollars of deficit. While he and Romney bicker over he-said, she-said, Paul rightly speaks about the horrible foreign policy of interventionism that President Bush has operated in his 8 years in the office.

Ron Paul to me, is the only candidate on that stage that has any semblance of knowledge for what this country needs.


2 responses to “Realtime blogging: Republican Debate

  1. I agree – I’ve been watching this debate with interest too. It should have been called ‘The Romney-McCain debate’. Ron Paul seems to be the only one asking the right questions about what should be debated – the fiscal policy, US interventionism in the world etc. Many people over at the CNN website have complained about the lack of equal time given to the candiates.

  2. I know. I was over at actually watching online as I worked and reading Schneider’s live blogging. By the way, this guy is a complete idiot and just another mainstream media head. All he did was talk about McCain and Romney the whole night until the end when Ron Paul called out both of the little girls in his answer regarding Foreign Policy and Iraq. As he finished speaking he received the loudest ovation the crowd gave the entire debate and yet this Schneider fool, talks about how Huckabee benefited from the little girls bickering. I mean give a me a break, Paul called them both out, got the applause and still he’s ignored! Geeez…

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