Realtime blogging: Democratic debate

 (6:37 PST) Just admit it Hillary, you were wrong and you trusted President Bush naively. Shut up already!

(6:29 PST) Iraq War: Obama comes up forcefully and adamantly that he alone knows and can accomplish the proper withdrawal from Iraq– a war that the U.S. never should have entered into in the first place. He stands resolute in his position on this war and I can comfortably put myself on his side because I know that he will execute the withdrawal from Iraq exactly how it should be — quickly.

Analysis: Entering into the Iraq war is pure interventionism politics. What Iraq does — as long as it isn’t provoking World War III — the type of government etc. that it runs is completely none of our business or any other nations’. How would we like it if another country came here and told us what to do? Obviously, just like we did with the British back in the 18th Century and like the Shiites and Sunni’s are doing with us now, we would force them out violently. We need to get the hell out of there and quit wasting our money trying to be an intermediary between these two communities. We aren’t their parents, it’s not our responsibility to build them a stable government! Why can’t people see this?

(6:15) Very crafty response by Hillary Clinton there regarding her husband cleaning up after the first Bush and that another Clinton (her) is going to have to clean up after the other Bush. I really don’t think she needs to be the one to clean up after this Bush, in my opinion, she can’t. The Clinton administration wasn’t as good as many make it out to be. Of course it was good when you look at it after having experienced these terrible eight years of George W. Bush.

To be perfectly honest, how can you envision a woman running this country? If you think the Middle East nations hate us now, just wait till we give a woman the Oval Office! I mean my God, they won’t even let women out in the streets without full veil disquise.

(5:53 PST) Immigration: The two democrats want to create policies where the illegal immigrants have to pay fines rather than be deported. The employers are punished for hiring people for below minimum wage. The immigrants are provided with a pathway to full citizenship after paying a fine. I don’t think this is sufficient. We can’t reward people for coming into our country illegally and taking away our citizens’ jobs. Our borders need to be stringently enforced, the illegal immigrants that are here currently need to be deported immediately and people need to know that you don’t fuck with the United States. This isn’t a place where just anybody can come and live and work.

(5:17 PST) Health Care: It should not be mandated for everyone to buy Health Care. That’s crazy. If people don’t want it then let them make their own decision that pleases them. This is Obama’s view. We should rather make it affordable enough that everyone who wants health care, who needs health care will purchase it for their families. You don’t make it a requirement that no matter what the price is, every adult must purchase health care!


One response to “Realtime blogging: Democratic debate

  1. nice analysis, gotta agree with you on Obama. He seems like — above any other candidate, hell any candidate I’ve seen in 30 years — that he can be a strong presence, a great leader in the mold of FDR or Lincoln.
    Go Obama!

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