Frank Mir

Why no love for this guy? All I saw the entire three months leading up to this fight all over the web on MMA sites was nothing but disrespect for him. Sure I saw people pulling for him to beat Lesnar or predicting he would win, but nobody was saying how legit of a fighter he is. Nobody was saying that Mir is one of the top Heavyweights in the game or speaking about his talent.

Folks, Frank Mir is an animal. This guy is as talented as they come. Brock Lesnar is an absolute beast of a heavyweight and even as he came out ferociously dropping bombs on Mir, Mir wasn’t fased. He kept his composure, withstood the onslaught and caught Lesnar in a submission like he knew he would. You’re not going to be able to submit this guy. So the only fighters that can beat him when he’s at the top of his game, which he seems to be right now, are guys like Andrei Arlovski, Gabriel Gonzaga or Nogueira. Guys who have that great ground game but can also do some serious damage on the feet as well as withstand damage.

I still believe that AA has the most talent and that if every fighter in the heavyweight division — including Couture — is at the top of their game, he is the best there is. However, Frank Mir is #2 in my opinion and is certainly regaining his previous form. He’s training extremely hard, he’s focused, he’s in excellent shape and his mind is right — he wants that belt back and it’s about damn time that people start to recognize Frank Mir as the talent that he is rather than overlooking him.

Since I don’t like the idea of Werdum getting an immediate title shot against Nogueira after all of one win in the octagon here are the matchups I laid out for the immediate future with projections of Cheick Kongo beating Heath Herring and Andrei Arlovski defeating Jake O’Brien at UFC 82: Pride of a Champion on March 1st…

 Mir vs. Nog for title
Kongo vs.  Arlovski for No. 1 contender after they both win at 82
Sylvia vs. Werdum
Gonzaga vs. Vera
Lesnar vs. Hardonk
Cro Cop vs. Herring


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