Obama wins eighth straight contest

Illinois Senator, Barack Obama, won the “Potomac Primaries” on Tuesday night, taking down Hillary Clinton and the rest of her inbred campaign-laden stock by 65-35 margins across the Commonwealth and Maryland/D.C. region. Obama now has all the momentum going into next week’s Wisconsin primary where he is again expected to emerge victorious and into the Ohio and Texas primaries and rightly so. Here is a man who clearly knows how to lead his people. He doesn’t have to sit there and talk about lack of experience from his opponent to try and get votes; he simply knows what to do better than anyone else, especially some botoxed-up woman who can’t even run her own household i.e. keep her husband in line and yet she has the san to be running for President of this great nation? Get back in the kitchen where you belong.

*Hoists glass*

Here’s to Obama continuing his dominating surge right through Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania and sweeping the has-beens right out of their dignity and back to Arkansas where they belong.



One response to “Obama wins eighth straight contest

  1. Rember, “it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings” and the Clinton’s are seasoned political players and know when to give the fat lady her queue!


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