Nor Cal Juco Prospect Watch

Yuba College’s Xavier Crawford is the real deal folks. On Wednesday, February 13th, I had the opportunity to check him out against Mendocino C.C. And while Mendocino isn’t anything special, Crawford dropped 25 points on them without really even trying in about 20 minutes of action (he didn’t even start and with his No. 2 state – ranked team up 30+ he sat the final 10 or so in the 2nd).

Crawford, a sophomore, is I would say 7’0 tall and 220. He’s pretty lean but he’s extremely quick and agile. His game is pretty polished as well. Not only is he a good athlete and can jump, he has good hands, decent handle for a big man, etc. he’s also very good around the basket and fighting for position with guys who are wider than him. He also has a solid mid-range game.

All-in-all, I think this guy really  has a bright future in the game. I think if he packs on about 20-30 pounds of muscle on his frame in the next year or so and goes to a four-year schoo, he could be a really special player. For him to only be a 1-star recruit on is a joke. This kid is a great player in my mind and I see him doing big things if he fills out and keeps working hard on his game.

Yuba has some other players that are pretty special as well. One other name to keep an eye on is Tristan Wilson, a 6’5 or 6’6 combo guard. He’s got a lot of talent as well.


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