Phillipe Aumont update

Back in August I wrote a short post on the Mariners signing Phillipe Aumont, their 1st round pick (11th overall) from the 2007 draft to a contract shortly before the deadline and talked about the amazing potential that this kid has.

The Mariners have invited him to Spring Training at their Peoria, AZ complex as a non-roster invitee and expect the 19-year old to start in A ball and progress quickly; hopefully joining the team by ’09 or 2010 as a middle-of-the-rotation pitcher.

Mariners beat writer Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times has a nice piece on him that can be found here.

I really think this kid is going to be something special. And if you’re a Mariner fan, a future rotation of Bedard, Hernandez, Morrow, Aumont and Silva is pretty damn exciting. Plus, I think it’s pretty cool that Bedard and Aumont are both Canadian and from hometowns relatively close to each other. Could definitely make it a plus for Bedard when he thinks about signing a long term deal.

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