UConn wins thriller with South Florida

A great game that really will prepare this Husky team for the not only the Big East tournament in a few weeks but obviously the NCAA Tournament come mid-March. The Huskies also stretched their win-streak out to nine games with Austrie’s sick last-second OT winner, what a job he’s doing for the team right now. Is there any game that UConn can’t win? I mean this is a team right now that no matter how far down at halftime they are, you know they are going to win. You just know they’re going to. And that is saying something. Earlier in the year — and certainly all of last year — they didn’t have a guy who you could point to as being their go-to guy. Now, they have the best point guard in the country, hands down, in A.J. Price. They also have Doug Wiggins who will step up and make plays and Craig Austrie and Jeff Adrien… They all know their roles now and are capable of stepping up and hitting a big shot when the team needs it. But Price, more than anyone, can really put the team on his shoulders and carry them. I expect Price to carry the Huskies a long way come March. This team is really good.


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