UFC Fighter rankings: Middleweight Division

The Middleweight division of the UFC was for a time the division most regarded as the weakest in the organization but lately with new signings (like Ricardo Almeida and Evan Tanner) and LHW cutters (Alessio Sakara, Marvin Eastman and Michael Bisping) not to mention the resurgence of guys like Patrick Cote and Alan Belcher and of course the rapid ascension of young prospects like Thales Leites and Drew McFedries, the division is pretty stocked. However, can anyone dethrone the current champ and best pound-for-pound fighter in the World (according to me and many pundits of the sport)? The former Pride middleweight champ Dan Henderson, will take his shot and certainly seems like the best bet. Oh, and the new Ultimate Fighter season 7 will be a middleweight season as well so that should further add depth to an already improving division.

Onto the rankings…

Champ: Anderson Silva

  1. Nate Marquadt (to me he looks the best right now)
  2. Yushin Okami
  3. Rich Franklin — will only serve as a gatekeeper/stepping stone for up and comers at this point in career
  4. Ricardo Almeida — yes he’s new, but his talent and history jump him to this spot immediately
  5. Thales Leites
  6. Patrick Cote
  7. Travis Lutter — hasn’t fought in over a year but gave Silva his toughest test so talent requires this ranking
  8. Alan Belcher
  9. Marvin Eastman — after taking out a previous top 5’er in Terry Martin, moves into top 10
  10. Jason MacDonald

In the running: Chris Leben, Drew McFedries, Terry Martin, Evan Tanner (have to see him fight first before he gets in the rankings), Alessio Sakara, Michael Bisping


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