Blu-Ray DVD wins battle of high-def over HD-DVD

Wall Street Journal ran a story detailing the backing-out of HD-DVD of the market; that Toshiba will halt production of its players and subsequently the DVD’s.

Not to say I told you so buttttt… yeah, I told you so. Blu-ray to break it down quite simple is just a cooler format. But honestly isn’t that why you bought it over HD-DVD? Personally, I liked the blu-ness of it and the cool cases that they come in. Plus, I’m pretty sure that the discs have a larger storage capacity and better sound and picture quality even than the HD-DVD.

So hopefully, in the near future — like 3-4 months — we’ll see  every dvd going to Blu-Ray and a serious movement of the company to start formatting all old DVD’s (in particular movies like Gladiator and the Godfather series and Heat and the Perfect Storm [a movie I think would be SPECTACULAR in Blu-Ray]) will quickly be transferred over to the new format. I’ve been waiting a long time for these movies to appear in Blu-Ray and frankly I’m tired of waiting. Not to mention the wait for the prices to start falling and become more reasonable on not only the player but the actual DVD’s, it’s about time that the market starts to come down on this technology.

At any rate, it’s a move in the positive direction and I’m glad that Blu-Ray will be leading us there.


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