Kelvin Sampson — nothing but a scoundrel

After being dismissed by yet another program, leaving it to deal with soon-to-be-found multiple NCAA sanctions and other unknown and undiscovered penalties, Kelvin Sampson will take a car ride home with $750,000 in his pocket and another devastated university left in his wake. If athletic directors around the country are any smart, home is where Sampson will stay.

After obtaining a second chance in Indian, Sampson turned around and did absolutely the same thing he got ousted for at Oklahoma — recruiting violations. Apparently, one black eye doesn’t teach him his lesson. I’m definitely hesitant to think that two somehow will. Yes, he’ll have run out of eyes but I doubt that will stop this weasel from trying to see through the swelled up vision that is morality.

Sampson is nothing but a lying, cheating, scoundrel. He doesn’t care about his players, he certainly doesn’t care about the universities — only himself. Two top programs now are left dealing with the consequences of mistakes that HE made. They are left with the tarnished reputations while he sits at home with his millions, relaxing. And why? What has Sampson ever done in this great game of college basketball to continually warrant a new opportunity? What? He had one final four appearance? Give me a break. He is nothing more than an average coach who has to go beyond the allowed areas in recruiting to field himself a competitive team. That is what you call cheating.

Universities, Athletic Directors, fans, parents — please don’t let this man anywhere near your school, your team and your kids.

Good riddance, Kelvin Sampson.


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