Brown shows true colors, signs with Lambs — I mean Rams


What can Brown do for you? Well apparently this one — Kicker Josh Brown of the Seattle Seahawks, my Seattle Seahawks ahem — can talk about how much he loves playing for Seattle only to stab his loyal fans in the back as he pulls a Benedict Arnold on you.

Losing Brown doesn’t hurt, hell it doesn’t even hurt me that he went to the Rams of all teams, our dreaded rivals. It just BOTHERS me that any Seahawk player could be such a turncoat. I mean how can you be apart of the Seahawk franchise, play heated games against the Rams twice a year — even three times in 2004 — and then have your eyes on that franchise as your next home? It wasn’t like the Seahawks weren’t willing to pay up, oh no, they offered Brown a deal that would’ve made him the highest paid kicker in the league and all signs point to him getting a similar deal from St. Louis; no, this was a case of Josh Brown WANTING to play for the despised rival of Seattle. He turned his back on the city and on the fans and for that, Josh Brown, you’re gonna get a traitor’s welcome.

He was a good, tough kicker, who made the clutch kicks but now he’s dead to me. Have fun losing, Mr. Arnold.


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