Brett Favre hangs ’em up


One of, if not the best quarterbacks of all time finally deciding to call it a career on Tuesday morning after 17 NFL seasons. Brett Favre will finally walk away from the game taking his two championships and countless team and NFL records with him.

I’m of the opinion that it was definitely time for him to walk away. I bet you there are some others (*cough* Dan Marino *cough*) that probably wish he would’ve retired last season. I don’t confess to being a Green Bay Packer fan as anyone who reads this blog consistently can tell you I’m a diehard Seahawks fan. However, as a passionate fan of the game I can tell you that out of all the players that have played in the NFL since about 1992 when I started watching with a mind that was old enough to take in what I was seeing, there probably hasn’t been a player that I enjoyed watching more than Brett Favre.

And I saw it first hand again in the divisional round of the playoffs this past January when my Seahawks traveled to Green Bay to take on the Packers in Lambeau in the driving snow. Favre was yet again his youthful exuberant self. Playing football in the snow on Lambeau Field like he was in the backyard of his Wisconsin home with his kids. The smile on his face, how he threw snowballs at his wideouts during timeouts, he was a kid that just loved the game of football and you just don’t see that often enough.

I just want to say, “Well done, Brett.” for the great career that you had and the lasting affect you will have on the game. Hopefully more players will come up into the league and try to emulate that passion you had for the game. We would all certainly be better off for it.

Now let the debate begin of where he ranks among the greatest quarterbacks of all time..


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