Seahawks sign Jones, Duckett to boost backfield

By the end of Friday, the Seattle Seahawks had gone from a very weak looking backfield with Maurice Morris and the aging and ever increasingly timid Shaun Alexander to a rather loaded backfield with the aforementioned names joined by T.J. Duckett (5 year deal) and Julius Jones (4 year deal).

With the number figures on both deals being what they are, it would appear that after a long, hard fought battle in training camp both Alexander and Morris will be cut and Duckett and Jones will step right in as their replacements in the Seahawks offense.

Now, I agree that changes needed to be made in the running game, particularly at the factor back position. But, I’m extremely curious if GM Tim Ruskell is going about the situation the right way. Signing a couple of retreads weren’t necessarily spectacular in their previous stops and are also getting up there in age as well doesn’t appear to me to be the best solution when this year’s draft is absolutely loaded at tailback.

Hopefully, both of these signings and the draft will be used to create a healthy competition at camp to take the three best tailbacks into the season. I sincerely hope that if a back like Jonathon Stewart, Rashard Mendenhall or Felix Jones (who I believe is going to be very special in this league) drops to the Seahawks in the first round — or close enough that they can move up a bit to get one of them — that they take that player. Both Stewart and Mendenhall have the speed, power, elusiveness and hands to start right away in the Seahawks offense. Because of Jones’ size he would need probably a year to learn and get bigger but that could be the best solution since in my opinion, he is the most talented of all the backs save for McFadden who is truly special.

But again, it would be a down right shame if Ruskell and the Seahawks did not take advantage of a draft deep in the area of their biggest — and most important — need.


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