2008 March Madness is underway!!

 (2:16 pm PST) 6 Purdue 90, 11 Baylor 79  Surprise game of the day for me at least. Really thought that Baylor was better than Purdue so I was impressed by Purdue’s game to say the least.We’ll see what they can do against Xavier on Saturday.

Alright folks, time for me to get to work.

(2:09 pm PST) 4 Pittsburgh 82, 13 Oral Roberts 63 Panthers never really challenged by Oral Roberts, too bad, thought that ORU could’ve given Pitt at least a challenge.

(1:54 pm PST) UNLV finishes off the Kent St. Golden Flashes who played with very little flash in the first half only scoring 10 points. 8 UNLV 71, 9 Kent St. 58

(1:45 pm PST) Marquette puts the finishing touches on their victory over Kentucky from the free-throw line, as they hold off the Wildcats led by strong play from their guards and Lazar Hayward as well in the forward spot. The Golden Eagles just too much for this shabby Wildcat team (yes, I hate Kentucky, so what?) regardless of Joe Crawford’s terrific swan song — the final, 6 Marquette 74, 11 Kentucky 66

(1:15 pm PST) Wink Adams leading the Runnin’ Rebels domination of Kent St. who just hasn’t shown up. They’re up 23 with 13 to go. Meanwhile Purdue and Pittsburgh blowing out Baylor and Oral Roberts respectively. Have to say that I really thought Baylor would be a tough matchup for Purdue. That and the scouting report on Purdue was WRONG! Wrong I say! (It said they couldn’t hit the three. Well, that’s not how it looks right now!)

(1:09 pm PST) Marquette’s guards led by McNeal and Hayward at forward are just too much for Kentucky in the second half. Marquette takes a double digit lead for the first time in the game at 11 points. Meanwhile, Ashley Judd is nowhere to be found in the Anaheim arena, what’s the deal? Maybe she realizes that her ‘Cats have no shot this year. Just wish more ‘Cat fans would do the same…

Joe Crawford having a hell of a game though with 28 points to lead all scorers and cuts the lead to 8..

(11:55 am) Thoughts so far:

I have to say that after watching Xavier play for the first time all season they look very, very good. I went off scouting reports and second hand reports on the Muskateers in filling out my bracket and have them going to the Elite Eight but after watching them this morning they look dangerous and really make me feel good about that pick. Watch out for Xavier, folks.

(11:38 am PST) Xavier mounts comeback from 9-pt halftime deficit and of up to 12 points at some point with great defensive play by Stanley Burrell and play by Josh Duncan and Derrick Brown; 3 Xavier 73, 14 Georgia 61

Michigan St. takes down Temple with relative ease; 5 Michigan St. 72, 12 Temple 61

Kansas meanwhile has no problems with Portland St., cruising to the opening round victory and becoming the first team to advance; 1 Kansas 85, 16 Portland St. 61

(9:25 am PST) 3 Xavier vs. 14. Georgia gets things started and it’s 5-2 Xavier in the early going. Hope you all got those brackets filled out correctly, they’re locked in now. Let’s go Huskies!!


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