A.J. Price tears ACL, likely out 6 months

Well, it turns out that Price’s knee injury was more than a sprain as I expected. The injury suffered with 11 minutes to go in the first half of Connecticut’s first round NCAA matchup with San Diego has turned out to be an ACL tear and Price faces a likely 6 month rehab after having surgery in the next week.

Today, like many of my fellow UConn fans, I’m feeling disappointment. But, it’s not despair. Knowing that A.J. wasn’t going to be available for any future tournament games certainly helps me come to terms with the loss. Yes, it sucks that we aren’t going on to play Western Kentucky and that we couldn’t have made the Big East conference 8-0 for the NCAA Tournament, but ultimately you have to be realistic and realize that we weren’t winning the thing without Price on the court.

It also blows that this Husky team couldn’t experience the feeling of a Tournament win and moving on, that they have to wait until next year to make a deep run.

Price should rehab and be fully recovered by September in time for next season and the official beginning of practice in October. I see Price taking the next step and emerging as the best point guard in the nation ( it will certainly help with Augustin, Rose and Collison leaving, lol) and perhaps even being the player of the year. What will be a huge factor is the type of offensive scheme that our team will feature next season. Like I mentioned in the previous post, with the potential depth in the backcourt, I believe Connecticut should be a run-and-gun, fast break and perimeter oriented team that presses relentlessly and throttles their opponents. Can’t wait to see what happens..


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